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Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire Me at Bloody Disgusting


I’m a filmmaker that gives a damn.

As soon as I saw your listing, I shot some footage & did some finessing to my reel (demonstrating professional experience as an editor, filmmaker, etc).

This is for you:



My videos get views.

As a Video Director at Wargaming America, my responsibility is to make entertaining, informative niche videos with a high retention rate.

Published 12/18:

Published 12/23:

And sometimes my videos get ridiculous. Like the time I convinced my friend to stay aboard a haunted ship with me overnight:



I have a lovely relationship with Bloody Disgusting.

Long-time reader.

Part-time contributor.

Bloody Disgusting

Full-time lover.

You’re the best site on the web for horror, and I’ve stood by you since the beginning.


I love horror.

When I was 7, I got my first official rejection notice from Nintendo. They appreciated my enthusiasm, but “Contra: Revenge of the Monsters” was just a tad too extreme for their tastes. I’m convinced they appreciated my concept art, depicting various mutilations and decapitations and whatnot, as I only received a photocopy of my masterpieces in return.

I learned to type by the time I was 8. My parents were excited for about a week. Thereafter, they realized that I had learnt merely for the purpose of writing 1/2 page horror stories. Gory ones. Eventually they wearied (or worried) of my asking them how to spell words such as “maim” and they shelved the typewriter.

When I was 9, I was banned from watching R-rated horror films for the summer as I had manipulated my grandmother into renting me four Nightmare on Elm Street films. I made up for it a few months later by donning Freddy’s glove for Halloween, Leprechaun the following year, Michael Myers twice in subsequent years, as well as Beetlejuice, a troll and a zombie at several separate occasions.

When I was 10, I begged my mom to accompany me to a horror film set that was filming locally, forfeiting all pay to convince the producers that I should be allowed to be an extra on the set. You may have seen me. That’s right. I was the uncredited Boy With Striped Shirt.

I would pull all-nighters when I was 11, watching TBS horror marathons hosted by Joe Bob Briggs.

Even as a kid, I’d get close to the TV and wear headphones in the dark. And still do to this day.

You get the point. I get horror. And horror gets us.

Favorite horror films: Martyrs. Noroi. The Fly. A Tale of Two Sisters. Inside. May. Child’s Play. The Witch.

Favorite horror games: Silent Hill 2. Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Until Dawn. Outlast.

Favorite horror writers: Alvin Schwartz. Edogawa Rampo. Stephen King.

Favorite horror service: Shudder TV.


People can vouch for me.

Amy Everson (FELT) can attest to my love for horror.

Sam Zimmerman (Shudder, Fangoria, Shock Til You Drop) understands my soft spot for witches.

Harry Knowles (Ain’t It Cool News) knows how loyal I am.

My circle of trust in comprised entirely by artists, horror connoisseurs, genre critics, and fellow filmmakers. Like attracts like.

And that’s why I’m reaching out to you now.