Wargaming America

Senior Video Producer

I created and developed Wargaming America’s video department from just myself to a team of four. I am responsible for directing and writing original video content in support of five products. With more than 400 produced videos, our company has seen unprecedented organic channel growth across all of our videos across social media year over year (including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram), this past year increasing our average video shares by 507%, seeing a 438% increase in social media engagement, 412% increase in social media impressions, 206% increase in view time, and over 20 million views. We make videos for gamers, by gamers, and the relationship to our community via video has proven mutually beneficial.



Warner Bros. Dunkirk Campaign

Video Director

I had the honor of directing the video campaign that served as a promotional tie-in between Wargaming America and Warner Bros. for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. Under my leadership, my team developed multiple original documentaries that told the nuanced history that led to the events of the evacuation at Dunkirk, France, which were subsequently published with a robust marketing campaign from both companies behind us. I wrote, directed, edited, and served as host for the documentaries, which were filmed on site in Europe. The project was remarkably successful, with millions of views and evergreen content that continues to be shared daily.