In my heart, I am a storyteller above all things.

My political essays, film reviews, life coaching columns each have, woven within, a story.

From produced screenplays to published papers, I write in a variety of formats about everything that matters to me. Radical feminism, horror, and life design are recurrent themes in my work.

A Reunion

“A journey worth taking,” says David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter on my first produced screenplay for A Reunion, a feature film collaboration between a few friends and I.  The film is set for theatrical distribution this upcoming August from Ariztical Entertainment.

Frightening Math About Time Wasting

This is a guest post I did for the life design site, Expert Enough, on the harms of allowing idle time into your days. It will blow your mind.

Rumpelstiltskin: The Anti-Misogyny Version

A re-telling of Rumpelstiltskin that doesn’t take for granted the poor woman in the middle of the story.

Rabbit Horror 3D Review

When I lived in Japan, I used to write reviews for Japanese horror films. This particular film has stayed with me a while.


I’m all over the web, but you can find some of my recent essays over at I’m Not a Motivational Speaker.